Junior Training Day

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Junior Presentation

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Junior Sailing Presentation will be held at Gosford Sailing Club on

Sunday 25th May, 10am for a 10.30 start.

Light Refreshments will be served.

Please RSVP to eddys297@gmail.com ASAP if you would like to attend.


Saturday 5th April

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Saturday 29th March 2014

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Gabby giving me some really positive feedback on my Coaching technique…

The fleet was reduced – for good reason as a great group headed to Wangi. (See Marks great report below this post!)

None the less we had a magic day on the water… BIG congrats to the Opti Girls – showing us that Opti’s certainly can mix it with well sailed Sabots… Also a big congrats to The Diva. Both the Opti & Diva won 2 races each.

For a change, the senior kids all took out one of the Club Fevas & raced the F11’s –  and had a great day showing us  just how well they could handle the bigger boats – all good signs for the future!

Only a couple of a weeks left… lets try and finish the season on a great note – big fleets, good sailing and some sausages!

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Wangi Sabot Camp 2104

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We look forward to the Sabot Camp every year. This year was the fourth year for us and we weren’t disappointed. For those of you who haven’t been to the beautiful Lake Macquarie (the biggest salt water lake in Australia, for those who haven’t read the signs on the way to Wangi Wangi) it would have to be one of the best place for sailing in Australia.

The event kicked off on the Saturday morning with all needing  to be rigged and ready by 10am. The kids were then split into the groups based on ability to give them all the best chance to make the most of the great experienced trainers, including Henry Makin who sailed at Gosford  and  Australian Sabot Champion.


Myah and Miles were not the only Gosford Sailing Club members.
It was the second time for Mark Murray and the  first time for Lincoln and Jemima Senior, Nathan Chandler, Reanna and Cameron Wallace.

There were over 70 kids from the Lake Macquarie area and Sydney Clubs such as Drummoyne and Hunters Hill.

We had a good breeze on Saturday with 10 to 15 knots ENE and very choppy. Watching the beginner kids I thought a big net might have been handy to catch them as they were blown to the Western end of the lake.  But not our Gosford kids they did very well, staying out there the whole morning only coming in for lunch.


After a quick hot dog and a drink they were back out, but this time they had to sail 2 km to Fishing Point, which was a very nice reach north.

IMG_0489 IMG_0487

They all started coming back at around 3pm. With the boats all packed away for the night it was time for a gave of tug-a-war with the parents followed by dinner and a move before finally falling asleep in the club hall.


Day two started with a bacon and egg roll for breakfast then a tube ride behind the speed boats. The sailing for the day was the same as Saturday for some and an open regatta for others. With the wind building to be stronger than the Saturday Myah and Miles opted for the training which included some racing, while Lincoln and Jemima, Mark, Reanna and Cameron, and Nathan ventured out into the middle of the Lake for the Regatta.

IMG_0502 IMG_0528 IMG_0538 IMG_0539

The results for the race were:-

Nathan Chandler, 18th

Lincoln and Jemima Senior in t42&24t – 23rd

Rhianna and Cameron Wallace in Damp daks came 26th.

Mark Murray – Results unavailable, Sorry Mark.

Congratulations to all the Gosford kids who took part in the Sabot Camp 2014. It was great to see them all have such a great time and experience being part of such a great event.


Mark Greenwood
Official Team Chauffer-boat launcher-psychologist


FROM Dan..
Guys, camps like this are an amazing opportunity for kids. I suggest anyone that is keen to see their kids progress in the sport make the effort to attend weekends like this and training session when on. It’s a credit to all that the Juniors have come so far in the last few years and its really pleasing to see kids taking on new challenges in the sport.

Well done!

Who’s going to be our next Tom Slingsby I wonder??????



Why not re-decorate!

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Found this on Ebay!
I now know what to do with old Sabots…

See you all tomorrow.